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All About Thermal Spraying.
Sharing information and ideas around the subject of Thermal Spraying and its related technologies.

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  Thermaspray: South Africa’s leading supplier of Thermal Spray Coating and Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Services

World-class standards of expertise and a proven reputation are the reasons Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users trust Thermaspray. Our diverse engineering capabilities and skills provide Industrial Thermal Spray Coatings, Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) and services that are specifically engineered to our customers' requirements.

Thermaspray strives to be a one-source supplier to customers by combining a wide variety of thermal coating processes with PTA welding and support finishing capabilities, such as:
  • Machining
  • Grinding
  • Diamond grinding
  • Probe track burnishing
  • Electrical run-out measurements/reporting
  • Linishing
  • Superfinishing


Thermaspray is committed to remaining at the forefront of global thermal spray innovations and technologies:

  • Our dedicated in-house metallurgical laboratory ensures accurate analysis and evaluation of the products and processes with which we work.
  • Our capabilities include burnishing, de-magnetizing and measuring of electrical run-outs.

  • Thermaspray is the only company operating in the thermal spray industry to be wholly compliant with the Department of Environmental Affairs’ Clean Air Act, which came into effect in 2010.


We have the tools and skill set necessary to engineer a coating solution to meet your needs.

Thermal Spray Coatings

Thermal spraying or metallising refers to a collection of processes that deposit metallic or non-metallic coatings onto a variety of substrates through the projection of a molten stream of the coating material.

Coating Processes we offer:

  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)
  • Plasma
  • Arc Spraying
  • Combustion Flame Spraying
  • Powder Flame Spraying
  • Spray & Fuse

Specialised Welding

Welding refers to a collection of processes whereby metals are fused using heat and/or pressure.

Welding Process we offer:

  • Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)


Thermaspray offers a comprehensive refurbishing service for industrial components that have been damaged by friction, erosion and corrosion, or cavitation. This cost-effective service significantly impacts on the life of expensive components operating in harsh environments