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DIAMANT Polymeric Solutions

Thermaspray is the exclusive Southern African representative of DIAMANT Metallplastic GmbH, based in Germany. DIAMANT Metallplastic offers the metalworking industry high-quality polymeric solutions to restore functionality to castings and thereby significantly reduce scrap. The DIAMANT polymeric solution includes products for:

  • Impregnating and sealing leakages
  • Repair of blow holes and surface treatments
  • Wear protection and services

Thermaspray offers the following DIAMANT Metallplastic products:

DIAMANT dichtol

Capillary-active impregnation

DIAMANT dichtol is a highly flexible, ready-for-use system that restores pressure tightness to castings. By using DIAMANT capillary-active impregnation, a high-resistance polymer in combination with volatile components, is applied to a porous surface.

The easy and versatile application of dichtol (dipping, brushing, injecting or spraying) allows a reliable impregnation, even on complex structures. With its excellent capillary action, dichtol penetrates deeply into castings and impregnates right away.

dichtol has been formulated for the needs of the foundry industry and is therefore highly resistant to physical, thermal and chemical strain, even with changing temperatures. 

In contrast to welding, dichtol is extremely gentle to castings and enhances the surface and varnish properties of castings.


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